Belief that nobody would ever die if they succeed in banning tobacco. They seem to believe that people will live foreve ... المزيد
An combination of Socialism and Capitalism, where the basic properties of the capitalist system would be maintained, but ... المزيد
An extreme form of Libertarian-Socialism, where ALL companies would be directly controlled by employees through workers ... المزيد
An extreme form of Libertarian-Capitalism, where ALL (or most) services currently provided by government would be provi ... المزيد
A set of hypotheses postulating the relationship between variables or conditions, advanced to describe, explain or predi ... المزيد
The decisions governing authorities make to realize international goals . ... المزيد
A state?s supreme authority to manage internal affairs and foreign relations. or under international law, the principle ... المزيد
Designed to promote monetary stability and reduce barriers to the free flow of trade and capital. ... المزيد
The 1974 policy resolution in the UN that called for aNorth-South to participate more fully in the making of internation ... المزيد
A group of more than one hundred newly independent , mostly less-developed states that joined together as agroup of neut ... المزيد
Countries that do not participate in military alliances with rival blocs for fear that formal alliance will lead them to ... المزيد
The processes through which a country increases its capacity to meet its citizens? basic human needs and raise their sta ... المزيد
The integration of states through increasing contact , communication and trade to create a holistic, single global syste ... المزيد
A regional organization created by the merger of the European Coal and steel community,the European Atomic Energy Commun ... المزيد
Transnational organizations of private citizens maintaining consultative status with the UN: they include professional a ... المزيد
The feeling of loyalty to a particular state and nationality or ethnic group to the exclusion of attachment to other sta ... المزيد
The processes and activities by which the populations of two or more states transfer their loyalties to merged political ... المزيد
The absence of institutions for global governance with the power to enforce rules and regulate disputes between states t ... المزيد
The processes by which people learn the beliefs, values and behaviors that is acceptable in a given society ... المزيد
Measure of state?s production of goods and services within agiven period of time . ... المزيد

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